EAN code validation & registration

What we do?

In short, make the E-commerce world a better place.

We Sell ean codes

Through our resellers we sell official ean codes to our customers for the best price on the market. Each code will be directly sent to you through e-mail and the information provided in the webshop will be used to register the ean codes.

We register ean codes

Each ean code purchased through one of our resellers will be registered in our system so companies and people know the code is registered to you. This makes you the owner of the code/product.

We validate ean codes

We can only validate the codes purchased by our resellers. Most ean code sellers only sell you the codes and don't register anything, so make sure to buy only from our official resellers to make sure your ean codes are registered.

Ready to buy your eancodes for cheap and with free registration service?

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In a nutshell

We sell,register and validate EAN codes to build a more transparant E-commerce in Europe.

All codes purchased through our official resellers get free registration service!

Our achievements

Over 700 happy customers

Since our launch

New cool features

Such as free eancode registration

Huge Eancode stock

Over 1 million codes in stock

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Tel: +31 (085)-3010808